Electronic and physical security solutions to protect your assets, facilities and Ops.


Credibility Assessment

Our Credibility Assessments Solutions allow you to find the truth when you need it. Our cutting-edge technology is non-intrusive, reliable, and cost-effective and is based on the latest advances in detecting and measuring changes in eye behavior. It can be used to recruit candidates, conduct personnel screening, reduce corporate risk, be used in investigations, and verify compliance, among other applications.

The first automated, non-intrusive (scientifically validated) lie detection technology that accurately and effectively detects deception in 15-30 minutes by analyzing involuntary eye behavior. Organizations and agencies around the world use it for screening tests as well as diagnostic (single-issue) tests for criminal investigations or civil cases, job applicants, employees, military/law enforcement recruitment, patients, parolees, drug users, athletes, criminal suspects and others specific issues.

The World’s First Automated Polygraph, detects deception and lying by monitoring and recording a person’s physiological activity in a manner similar to that of a polygraph, including the same involuntary changes in eye behavior. The testing process is unbiased, more accurate and less intrusive than a traditional polygraph. This system uses test protocols very similar to those of the polygraph, making it easy for polygraph examiners to transition to this innovative technology.

IdentityDetect is a quick and simple web-based test or mobile app that can quickly verify a person’s identity. For example, when onboarding new customers, applicants provide their name, address, and other personal details. With that information, customers can be asked a few questions about their identity.  IdentityDetect measures the applicants’ responses, applies a scoring algorithm, and uses machine learning to determine a credibility score for the person.


Site Assessment

Our risk assessment services provide a holistic view of the site’s physical security and aims to examine all activities and look for “all hazards” that may constitute risks to the agency/organization. The service is conducted by experts in physical and electronic security, with proven experience in the military/defense sector and critical infrastructures.


  • Reduce long-term costs.
  • Improve capabilities and future operations.
  • Aid the organization in achieving strategic and mission objectives.
  • Break down organizational barriers.
  • Provide necessary self-analysis and situational awareness.
  • Reduce physical risks.
  • Help the agency/organization avoid significant accidents and events.

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