Solutions to develop cyber capabilities on cyber systems, cyber operations, cyber force, and cyber intelligence


Cyber Systems

Improve cyber-physical systems’ security, reliability, and resilience through specialized testing and assessment products and services.

CYBRA™ provides unique expertise for proactive compliance through advanced penetration testing, quantitative cyber risk assessments, and a complete evaluation of your security posture using various systems, tools, and protocols. With these capabilities, CYBRA™ can test and validate a wide range of targets, including networks, applications, websites/web apps, servers, DB, devices, IoT, IIoT, ICT, users, architectures, and your security program and organization (processes and culture).

CRAT™ system evaluates not only your technical controls deployed, security posture, and your organization’s cyber risk but also your cyber resilience. CRAT™ allows you to assess your organization’s cyber readiness and the response to cyber challenges, such as cyber-attacks and data breaches, letting you know how prepared you are to face them.

ACCATS™ (Automated Continuous Cybersecurity Assessment and Testing System) is an integrated system that allows you to continuously validate your deployed technical security controls, emulating legitimate and malicious traffic, attacks, and attackers’ behavior (based on MITRE ATT&CK® and NetSecOPEN Frameworks), and thus evaluate the effectiveness of your cybersecurity investments and technology.

CYBER-STS™ is a cybersecurity, resilience, and performance testing service for platforms, applications, networks, equipment, devices, and embedded systems.


Cyber Force

Unleash the full potential of your cyber workforce with specialized technical training using the latest technology and guided by certified experts.

Taylor-made specialized onsite/virtual technical training and coaching guided by ex-military and industry-certified experts.

Online learning platform with practical exercises with a real-world approach to developing your cyber force’s technical skills and abilities.

Design and conduct practical and realistic cyber exercises such as Tabletops (TTX), Capture the Flag (CTF), and Cyber Ranges.

Consultancy and support for designing, developing, and evaluating the Cyber Force’s technical career plan under the NIST-NICE Framework, CISA-NICCS™, and US DoD guidelines.


Cyber Intelligence

Expand and enrich your cyber intelligence processes and skills through technical training platforms and expert staff guidance.

OSINT & Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) platform for training and supporting cyber operations and risk-based and threat-informed decision-making processes.

Modeling and simulation of cyber threats for their understanding and analysis and deployment of prevention, detection and detention measures.

Committed to Cyber, committed to you.