The new Challenge

How to face the challenges of an increasingly dynamic, complex and uncertain world.

Our Focus

How to face a New Era

A new era of global challenges has begun, imposed by climate change, ongoing cyberwarfare, the proliferation of cybercrime and disinformation, and the growing tension generated by recent micro-conflicts with the potential to escalate globally.

We must therefore be prepared to face, respond to and defend with determination and firmness our fundamental values and our society from those who want to break the peace and establish chaos and anarchy.

Our Approach
We must overcome an increasingly complex, dynamic, and uncertain world, which implies that we leave behind the classic paradigms of our worldview and incorporate a new perspective that includes strategic thinking, a systems approach, and a stronger sense of responsibility to the planet and its future generations.

That is why we are here to help different organizations and agencies have a clearer vision of facing these new challenges in the new cyber world.

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